Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve got answers.


To us your day is a production, one that deserves an experienced crew behind the scenes making sure it all goes off without a hitch. From booking and planning logistics to filming and post-wedding delivery, our team works hard to ensure that you not only love your finished films but the process along the way!

Our talented videographers film with us each weekend and are experts in their craft. They’re reliable, get Rave Reviews from our couples and are fun to work with on your wedding day.

With streamlined processes and backup systems in place in case of emergency, you can be assured the videography portion of your planning will be completely worry-free! 

We are so thankful that for over a decade our couples have chosen us to tell their beautiful stories and refer us to their friends and family year after year!

*Read more about Why New Pace or How It All Works!

Sadly over 200 of our couples have had to make changes to their weddings due to COVID-19. We’ve been able to seamlessly reschedule all of them because of our amazing videography team and the systems we have in place.

If you have to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 the process would be:

1) Reach out to let us know that you’ve had to make the very hard decision to postpone

2) Select your new wedding date & let us know what that is

3) Your contract is revised (no additional fees & all payments made move over to your new date)

4) Click “Approve” and take a deep breath, you’ve checked videography back off the list again!

(Read more about the worry-free systems we have in place to protect you as you plan and what our couples have to say about their own experiences here)

A deposit is required to secure your date. Then we’ll split the remaining balance into two payments that are due 90 days and then 30 days before your wedding.

We’re also happy to offer you a custom payment plan to split your deposit into 2-4 payments or the rest of your balance into monthly payments, just say the word!

We accept online credit card payments and personal checks.

Your epic day deserves endless playback.  Something that will allow you to relive the love, laughter, goosebumps and tears… Potentially lots and lots of tears! We want to give you a modern, cinematic storytelling of what it felt like to be there with you in those moments.

The first time you see each other, when you say “I Do”, your first dance, the speeches… You’ll want to remember them forever. So for us it’s all about finding the delicate balance between the sentimental and the silly to perfectly represent you as a couple and what your day was all about. 

Your films are delivered digitally through an online hosting platform with a user-friendly interface that mimics a DVD style menu. You’ll be able to share your films online with your friends and family as well as download and save them to your own computer. We’ll also mail you a USB with all of your films on it!

(*Refer to the package you select for more details)

Absolutely! You can add a drone to any package based on date availability. Drone is a great way to set the scene of where your wedding took place!

We record audio in various ways throughout your day! During your ceremony we will record audio on our cameras and place wireless lavalier microphones throughout your venue, on one of you and/or on the officiant to ensure crisp, clear vow recordings. Our sound recorders are for recording purposes only and do not amplify sound out to your guests.

For your reception, we work in conjunction with your DJ or band to secure a feed from their microphones and place backup microphones whenever necessary.

In order to get the cinematic look that you see in our films, our videographers will have at least two cameras with them and supporting creative equipment. 

Absolutely! Videography is a perfect complement to photography. You can experience the sights, sounds, and emotions of your wedding day in a way photos can’t capture. You’ll be able to see and hear your vows, the speeches given and to us that’s priceless!

It might be the only time you have everyone you love in the same place at the same time, you’ll never regret having films of those special moments!

Our basic cinematic package with 1 videographer (1 manned camera, 1 stationary  camera) is our most budget friendly and gives you the essentials of the day. However, our 2 videographer packages are our most popular because they allow for more complete coverage of your days events.

Having your videography team with you for the day means that we can film both sides of your wedding party getting ready even if they’re happening at the same exact time or at different addresses. 

Your wedding is a live event and we don’t want to miss a thing! So, throughout your day there will be more cameras filming and specialty equipment (gimbals, sliders,etc) being utilized to capture extensive footage in a more creative and dynamic way. 

Having your videography duo there to catch it all (like what was happening on both sides of your reception) means you’ll get to re-live things you didn’t get a chance to see the 1st time around!

We’ll work as a team with the photographer you have selected for your wedding day. We let your photographer take the lead because often there will be shots you’ve pre-arranged with them and we don’t want to get in the way of that. We’re all about communication, positive attitudes and working in concert with each other so that all of your memories are perfectly captured!

Chances are we’ve worked with your photographer over the years, if you need photography recommendations make sure to check out our Vendors Page!

Of course, this film is all about you! The music will dictate the tone, pace and overall feel of your film. Slower music gives a romantic and sentimental feel, while faster-paced music gives an upbeat, fun, and energetic feel. We will help you pick timeless music from our extensive collection of licensed mainstream music to perfectly tell the story of your day.

Definitely! We love working with couples of all genders, cultures, and religions.

Thank you! We’re tickled pink when we hear how much our clients love their films. You can leave a review, share on social media, and be sure to talk to us about our referral program!

Absolutely! Our other division, New Pace Productions creates unique branded, educational and inspirational digital content for companies, schools, non-profits & more. Our videos are used to accomplish goals, inspire people to action, educate, sell, brand, and illuminate target audiences.